Golf Sol Buddy - Pogo  v.1 1

Golf Sol Buddy is a Pogo Golf Solitaire auto that constantly scans your game board and uses internal solitaire strategy to find the best solution to the puzzle. So when other players may as well be yelling 'fore!

King Sol Solitaire Collection  v.1.5.1

King Sol is a collection of 422 solitaire games and variations. It gives you real-time statistics in graph or chart form that you can view in 2- or 3-dimensions. With accompanying rules, card tracker, high scores, and game history,


.sol Editor  v.

Sol Editor is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to open and create Macromedia Flash shared object files (.sol). This incredible program displays the content of the file and allow you to change the values.

SOL Polar Explorer  v.1.2.2 Beta

SOL Polar Explorer is a performance polar viewer and data explorer. This is the intial release of Polar Explorer, with basic viewing functionality for the polar, vmg curves, and vmc curves for every 15 degrees.

Costa del Sol Marinas  v.

Searchable information about marinas and harbours on the costa del sol - alcaidesa, almeria, almerimar, benalmadena, cabopina, candado, del este, duquesa, estepona, fuengirola, malaga, marbella, mediterraneo, ocean village, puerto banus, queensway,

K-SOL Project Reader  v.4 2

Project Reader can show the projects created with Microsoft Project and stored in MPP format, XML format or in the database format.

Sol Attack  v.

Arcade Reinvented! Have serious fun battling hordes of aliens in this unique and groovy old-school shooter. Featuring: - Global Highscores - Pumpin' Soundtrack - Great


An implementation of the Computer Emulation Framework (CEF) for MS Windows including emulators for the Altair 8800, IMSAI 8080, Cosmac Elf, PT SOL-20, glass teletype, VT05, VT50, Zilog Z80, CDP 1802/1806, Intel 8080/8085, and various system components

TSOLexpress  v.

T*SOL express is the express design programme for solar thermal systems. It is the right choice for sales staff and trade technicians who need a reliable tool to design solar thermal systems quickly and precisely.

Cavaquinho  v.

Dicionário de acordes para cavaquinho. 749 acordes. Afinação: D-G-B-D Chord Dictionary for cavaquinho. 749 Chords. Tuning: D-G- B-D. Dictionnaire d'accords pour cavaquinho. 749 positions. Accordage: RE-SOL-SI-RE. cavac, cavaco, machimbo,

The Road Trip Effect Pro for Windows  v.2.8.1

Road Trip Effect Pro from Sol Robots is one of those interesting applications that addresses a need you may not even realize you have.

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